About APCs

An Annual Practicing Certificate should be maintained by all registrants in all relevant Scopes of Practice, practicing in New Zealand. Through the APC process professionals show their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as adequate to maintain their level of competency to practice.

Where Registration with Conditions of Practice is issued the conditions of practice will be identified on the Practicing Certificate issued by the CPRB.

Annual Practicing Certificate

The CPRB will issue an annual practicing certificate (APC) to all registrants who on production of the required documentation demonstrate an appropriate level of continuing professional development related to the profession and roles in which they practice. The requirements for the issue of an APC include, but may not be limited to, providing evidence of:

  • Current membership of the appropriate professional society/societies; click here to link to list of societies: Links
  • Completion and submission of the APC application form signed by an appropriate clinical supervisor;

When requested:

  • Evidence of appropriate continuing professional development;
  • Evidence of successful completion of any competency assessments;
  • Evidence of award of professional society/body certification.

    The CPRB will issue an APC to all registrants who fulfil the requirements.

    The CPRB will regularly select registrants for an audit. Any person not complying with the audit request will have their APC suspended until such time as the required paper work is submitted.

    In the event of a registrant being issued an interim practicing certificate the registrant will be required to provide evidence of fulfilling the requirements of conditions set before a replacement APC is issued.

Applying for an APC

Only currently registered physiologists can apply for an APC. Therefore the APC application page is located in the Members Only section of this website, requiring a login and password to begin the process.
If you have forgotten your password, utilize the password reset function. 
If you have forgotten your login (your email address), please contact the Registrar at admin@cprb.org.nz 
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