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The Clinical Physiologists Registration Board (CPRB) is the registration board set up for clinical physiologists employed in New Zealand. If the professional society that a person belongs to is represented by the CPRB then that person can apply for registration with the CPRB. (click here to see professional societies Links ) Currently registration with the CPRB is voluntary.  Notwithstanding the voluntary nature of registration with the CPRB, the registration process is set up to meet the standards and requirements of the Health Practitioner Competence Assurance Act (2003)

Registration is awarded to a clinical physiologist when the CPRB is satisfied that the applicant meets specific competencies for a professional Scope of Practice.

When Registration is awarded the member's name is listed on the public Register of Clinical Physiologists. Their name will be listed on the Public Register of Clinical Physiologists indefinitely, and may only be removed upon receipt of formal notification of resignation or CPRB formal process to do so. 

Only those on the Register can be issued Annual Practicing Certificates.

An Annual Practicing Certificate should be maintained by all registrants in all relevant Scopes of Practice. Through the APC process professionals show their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as adequate to maintain their level of competency to practice.

As of 2018 all physiologists registered with the CPRB are required to maintain an Annual Practicing Certificate with the CPRB, dependent on the requirements of their employer.

Registration and Scopes of Practice

  • Registration is open to any person who is a member of a recognized professional society within the fields of clinical physiology that are represented under the CPRB.
  • Registration will be by one or more Scopes of Practice.   A Scope of Practice is defined in New Zealand legislation as the professional service the registrant is permitted to perform. 
  • The CPRB has defined two categories of registration: Clinical Physiologist or Physiology Technician.
  •  For Clinical Physiologists the scope of practice can be registered in one or more of the following:
    cardiac; exercise; neuro; respiratory; renal; sleep

Professional registration is an assurance for patients and employers that Physiologists have achieved a high standard personal and professional conduct. Professional registration uses competency standards and guidelines to achieve, maintain and improve practice.

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