"Health Professionals need to listen to their patients, communicate with them, protect them, offer them the best health care within their resources, and bravely confront colleagues if standards slip..."  Judge Cartwright 1988


As a health professional, you must protect the health and well-being of people who use or need your services in every circumstance. The standards of conduct, performance and ethics apply to every registrant and prospective registrant.

The following pages explain the standards that registrants must adhere to, and also give an idea of the kind of behavior that is likely to lead to disciplinary action against them. Everyone applying to go on our register must confirm they have read, understood, agree to, and will keep to these standards.

Inquiries into allegation against registrants

Allegations will be considered by the Clinical Physiologists Registration Board. If we find that the case against the health professional is well founded, the Board will consider taking action against them; this may include removal from the Register, suspension from the Register, and restriction of work through endorsement of annual practicing certificate. Although we have no power to act against a prospective registrant if they do not meet our standards of conduct, performance and ethics, and apply to be registered with us, we will take this into account when we decide whether to accept the application.

Interpreting the statement

When an allegation is made against a health professional, the Board will always take account of these standards when we decide whether to uphold the allegation. We have set standards of conduct, performance and ethics, and also have standards of proficiency, and both of these can be relevant. We might also take into account of codes of ethics issued by professional bodies, if these are relevant. While these standards contain several examples of issues that we will look at, it is not a complete list. We may uphold an allegation against a registrant even if we have not mentioned the details of the issues that arise in their case in our standards. We will always consider every case referred to us individually.


The Clinical Physiologists Registration Board acknowledges the the Health Professions Council (UK) for allowing us to use and appropriately modify their work in the development of these standards.

HEALTH PROFESSIONS COUNCIL Standards of Conduct, performance and ethics. Your duties as a registrant: 2003 (034/HPC/A5 April 2003)

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