Parental Leave - APC

If you take Parental Leave, please advise the CPRB registrar by email of your expected leave dates. These will be noted on your file, and your APC status changed to On hold - Parental leave.

You will still receive an automated reminder 6 monthly. This is for the following reasons:
1) to remind those who have not advised the registrar of their leave, to do so.
2) to remind those who have returned to work from Parental leave, to renew.
3) to remind those who are taking extended leave > 2 years, or who have resigned to advise the registrar.

If you receive a reminder while on Parental leave, and none of the above apply, you can leave the reminder until you return to practice.

If you have taken Parental leave, you are still required to collect the same minimum amount of evidences of CPD activities - 18 over a 3 year period. This may mean a catch up period occurs once you have returned from leave, however as the minimum level is low the board feels this is very achievable. 

Part time: If you return to practice part time, you are still expected to partake in the same amount of CPD activities as a full time practitioner. There is no pro-rata system for CPD for part time employment.
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