Registration - New Zealand 

Registration Pathway for New Zealand and Australian trained physiologists

New Zealand and Australian trained and qualified physiologists or technicians may apply for Registration with CPRB by completing the appropriate application form and submitting the required documentation including:

  • Curriculum vitae documenting all relevant education and professional development courses;
  • Certified copies of all appropriate qualifications and professional development courses;
  • Copy of passport and/or visas showing citizenship/residency/work permit and visa;
  • Evidence of membership of appropriate professional society; click here to link to list of societies: Links
To apply to register and access the application form, proceed to the "Apply for Registration" page: Apply for Registration

Addition of your name to the Public Register occurs once your application has been accepted by the board. Click here to see the register: View the Register

See the flowchart below for an overview of the registration process for those trained in New Zealand.

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