Return to Practice

Return to Practice policies may apply to health professionals who leave their profession or stop practicing for an extended period of time, and then return to work as a Clinical Physiologist. Typically this is due to extended parental leave,  working in a different field or extended travel.

Return to practice policies vary between professions, and are set by the professional societies (e.g. ANZSSA, SCT, NZASRDP, ANZSRS etc...).  CPRB does not set the return to practice conditions.

To find out what Return to practice policy may apply to you, contact your professional society - click on this link for a list of professional societies: Links

or click these links for published policies:

Return to work policy - NZASRDP 2020.pdf

Return-to-Work-Policy-Cardiac Physiologist 2018.pdf

Return-to-Work-Policy-Physiology-Technician 2018.pdf

In order to renew an Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) after a period of time away from the workforce, a physiologist or technician must first re-join their professional society. Membership of your professional society is a pre-requisite for Registration and APC renewal.

 Any return to practice conditions (typically re-sitting a certification exam or assessment) will appear on your renewed APC.

See the flowchart below to understand the overall process.

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