Professional Development Outline - Cardiac Physiology

Cardiac Physiologist

Entry to practice:

Bachelors degree in Science, majoring in Physiology or equivalent.

Core Professional development: 

1. Supervised practice while completing the Certification of Cardiac Physiologists (CCP) practical training programme via Society of Cardiopulmonary Technology.

2. Two years full time equivalent working as a Clinical Physiologist.

Academic Professional development:

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Technology (University of Otago)

Further Professional development:

Cardiac Sonography:

1. Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine) 

2. Diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound (Queensland University of Technology) 

Cardiac Electrophysiology and Devices:

1. Cardiac Electrophysiology Institute in Australia (CEPIA) Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Electrophysiology

2. International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners (IBHRE) certification exam in Devices for heart rhythm therapy, or Cardiac Electrophysiology, from Heart Rhythm Society.

Physiology Technician:

Entry to practice: none

Core Professional development:

Supervised practice until one of the following is completed:

Option 1. Certification in Physiological Measurement (CPM) via Society of Cardiopulmonary Technology & 1 year full time experience.

Option 2. Theory: Certificate in Medical Technology (MTEX) 701 and 702 via Otago University and

Practical: Pass all practical modules of CPM (Society of Cardiopulmonary Technology) and complete cardiac section of CPM exam.

Note,    Either 1 or 2 are acceptable as alternative pathways for registration as a Physiology Technician without a condition of Supervised Practice.

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